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poetryz not my major

poetryz not my major

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whats a word in a state of mind?
is it an explanation?
a possibility?
is it an incomprehensible notion,
only to be defined as madness?
are these thoughts tangible?
or only their products?
is their ever a whole
complete thought
in the product
of a mind?
or does the process eliminate bits of thought
as the product takes over and in essence,
completes itself?

the main thought is obvious,
but something,
some bits remembered as feelings
aren't remembered
but truly forgotten by maker 
                and made
and audience.

this is a ramblation.
a product of a mind,
intention lost
idea supposed
but only supposed
with the maker left to wonder at the
origin of the line that drew
this mass
out of the labyrinthine
of deep blue synapses

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